In English

Name: Kyuu Eturautti
Location: Tampere, Finland
Occupation: CISO and entrepreneur
Hobbie: Voluntary work with culture and youth hobby events
Politics: National Coalition Party, aka. Kokoomus

Neljä Kyuun kuvaa (Santtu Pajukanta, Miika Ojamo, Helene Lindfors)


So, I’m Kyuu, a nerd from Tampere in Finland. I’ve put up this small English page due to making some noise with international contacts both in political commentary and some culture events I’ve been working with. So far there’s not much content, but feel free to contact me should something come up. And remember – I only have opinions, not truths.

Contact information

  • Email: my_first_name(at)
  • Twitter: KyuuEturautti
  • Phone: +358 50 5950047 (work)
  • Other: I’m not on Facebook, sorry